Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemical Engineering

Short Review

A brief review on the hand-in-hand relationship between animal agriculture and basic environmental factors

  • By Aristidis Matsoukis - 08 Dec 2022
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemical Engineering, Volume: 2, Issue: 1, Pages: 16 - 18
  • Received: 18 November 2021; Accepted: 5 February 2022; First Online: First Online: 30 March 2022


Livestock farming activity is a viable option for increasing the livelihood status of a large number of farmers around the world. This activity impacts on the environment and the other way round. In this regard, this brief review highlights the vital role of basic environmental factors, that is to say air temperature and relative humidity on the development and productivity of domesticated animals, shedding also light on the need for suitable barn environment which leads to increased farm animal productivity and profitability.

Keywords: Air temperature, Animal agriculture, Barn, Relative humidity, Thermoregulation