Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemical Engineering

Research Article

Performance and Profitability Analysis of Maize Production a Case of Smallholder Maize Farmers in Osun State, Nigeria

  • By Adedeji Adegbite, Olusegun J. Ijila, Seyi O. Olawuyi - 27 Jan 2023
  • Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemical Engineering, Volume: 3, Issue: 1, Pages: 9 - 20
  • Received: 5.12.2022; Accepted: 2.1.2023; Published: 27.1.2023


Maize is an essential agricultural produce in Nigeria because it enhances the welfare condition of the farmers as a source of income generation, as well as the provision of employment opportunities. However, despite the expected enormous benefits, some producers still find it difficult to take care of their immediate needs due to poor income. Hence, the study examined the factors influencing the profitability of maize farmers in Osun State, Nigeria. Primary data were collected using a well-structured questionnaire and 120 farmers were randomly selected from two out of the three Agricultural Development Program (ADP) zones in Osun State. Analytical methods employed were benefit-costs ratio and, ordinary least square (OLS) regression analyses. The results indicated the prevalence of female farmers in the study area, while average farmers’ age was estimated at 45 years. The results also revealed that on the average, household size contains about 5 people, while the average years of farming experience was estimated at 13 years. The revenue to cost ratio analysis indicated that maize farming is profitable in the study area and that age, marital status, years spent in school, and the farm-size were significant determinants of maize farmer’s income in the study area. The study recommended institutional supports for the farmers in the aspects of agricultural inputs subsidy, provision of technical know-how assistance and making credit facilities accessible and available to the farmers.